ASSIST Proposal #1

How the AAUW STEM grant will be used:
South Carolina’s science standards are currently shifting. This grant is timely and needed to implement various exciting and hands-on learning in the area of physical science.
In upper elementary, students are asked to make observations about energy
transfer, as well as design, test, and refine a device that converts energy from one
form to another. This grant would allow the teacher to supply students with inquiry
materials such as Stirling Engine Motor, physical science motion machine, and an
Energy Conversion Kit. These supplies are fantastic for students to visually see
energy transfer and foundational science concepts, such as the positive relationship
between speed and energy.

Lastly, this grant would help support investigations and designs that involve
energy, specifically solar and electric. This grant will enable the teacher to buy
supplies and kits for electric circuits as well as solar inquiry and car kits.This grant
will help learning become exciting through hands-on experiences. Consequently,
these activities will create lasting impressions and energize hands-on learning for
Name: Abigail M Wilson
Address: 691 Riverland Drive
Charleston, SC 29412
Phone number: 843-792-2765
Email address:
Number of teacher years completed: 16
Current teaching assignment: Murray Lasaine Montessori School
Subject(s): Math, Sci, Reading, and Social Studies
Grade level: Upper Elementary 4-5-6 grade
Principal: Meredith Wallace: