ASSIST Proposal #2

Sutures with Surgeons

Basic information

Educator: Millibeth Currie


Number of teaching years completed: 33

Subject: 7th Grade Science (7th and 8th grade female STEM

School: Moultrie Middle School

Address: 645 Coleman Blvd

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Cell Phone number: (843)364-6512
School Phone Number (843) 849-2819

Principal: Nick Reece

How the grant will be used

Women in Charge: Engineering Women’s Lives is Moultrie Middle’s STEM program for 7th and 8th grade girls. (Video about our program)

We aim to return to a program we conducted with previous students in years past: “Sutures with Surgeons” (See section of this video minute 19:52-23:22 for photos and video from previous years).  Surgeons from the Charleston community have volunteered to come work with our students to teach them about the many career options within medicine and then teach them to suture!  The student will walk away with the knowledge of four different surgery stitches and when to use each. This experience will remove the mystery of medicine and also widen their views on options within the world of medically applied STEM.


Materials needed:  $500 needed for total project 

Equipment required for suturing

  • Gloves
  • [School will provide] Suture Kit. Standard kits include needle holders, forceps (ideally toothed) & scissors.
  • bananas
  • Appropriate suture (size/material/needle) 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 sizes.